Richter Park is a place for the residents of Danbury to enjoy recreation and culture through the venues of golf, art, performing arts, hiking and tennis. It is a destination where a Danbury resident can play a national caliber golf course, enjoy critically acclaimed musicals, view the work of local artists, dine at a gourmet restaurant, explore the verdant hills that surround pristine lakes and ponds. It is a peaceful place, a place to relax, a place to be with friends and neighbors. It is a place that Danbury can be proud of.
But Richter has challenges. Competition from more recently built golf courses, financial pressures, and inconsistent management have brought stresses to the park. Therefore, the City of Danbury and the Richter Park Authority decided to develop a master plan for the park. It was divided into two parts: this plan, which is an overall master plan and a physical improvement plan of the the golf course designed by Mark Mungeam. This part of the Richter Park master plan is meant to provide a road map to recapture and expand the dream of Richter Park.
•    Sets the course for the long term vision of Richter in contrast to a strategic plan which establishes 3-5 year goals.
•    Enables Richter Park to best serve existing and emerging needs of the City of Danbury residents.
•    Clarifies Richter Park’s mission as a recreational/arts facility.
•    Addresses the short term physical, economic, administrative and
communication needs of the current Richter Park.
•    Addresses the long term physical, economic, administrative and
communication needs of the future Richter Park.
•    Establishes the role of Richter Park within the overall Danbury landscape.
•    Identifies connecting land acquisitions that will enhance the future role of the park.  
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